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When a trolley and a bus love each other very much ...

Trolley and bus collide on South Huntington Avenue

A 39 bus and an E Green Line trolley had a little love bump on Huntington Avenue near Brigham Circle shortly before 7:30 a.m. Lena, who captured the scene, reports there didn't appear to be too much damage, but that some of the Boston Latin School students on the 39 "charter" from Forest Hills appeared shaken up. Plus, of course, traffic came to a halt.



This supports Daan's comment below on the Adam's post about the Forest Hills canopy (re: the 39 Bus). Good timing Adam and Daan!!!

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Turns out my daughter was on that bus. She said the bus was stopped and the train scraped against it. Absolutely no one was "shaken up". In fact, when the train hit the bus, everyone laughed. The kids exited the bus and walked to school, arriving a couple minutes earlier than usual.

(A final nit-picky detail: That bus started out at Holy Name and is the 38 when it leaves there. Somewhere along the line they change the sign to say 39, but it did not originate at Forest Hills.)

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