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What does the fox eat?

Fox eating a squirrel

Roving UHub photographer Gad Liwerant stopped to watch a fox enjoy a little squirrel snack on Chestnut Hill Road in Newton, between Hammond Street and the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

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I have some squirrel problems.

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you call in the coyote?

And when you have coyote problems you call in...?

Think this through, guy.

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Like, when the local fox brings her kits around to eat all your raspberries and everyone dies of Teh Cute?

Or negotiates with the local dogs with lots of non-barking noises?

Or has a Marina Abramović "silent sitting" session with your nearly exactly the same size cat?

The Great Rabbit Overflow seems to be bringing them back - I'm hoping to have these adorable problems once again!

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That squirrel looks enormous.

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That's a pretty big squirrel!

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Man, must've been One of Those Days for suburban wildlife. I was driving down Lagrange St. toward West Roxbury around 2 p.m., when I saw what I thought was a dog trotting along the road. Then it stopped, paused (apparently waiting for cars to go by, I guess) and crossed the road, and I realized that there creature was a coyote. Went strolling along through somebody's yard as if he were a tax-paying citizen.

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Foxes aren't that big. So... it's a relatively large squirrel?
Now if that were a Boston Common squirrel, you would notice a more rotund shape, about another half-pound of fat.

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Not only are they larded up on the bounty of the fall, they have full density coats for the winter.

I saw a guy that big munching on some dead pumpkins that I put in the deer trough.

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