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What Blue Line riders don't want: A mostly dead train at Beachmont

OK, not, technically speaking, dead, since it can still use those lovely catenary wires to go somewhere, but it has an embarrassing door problem that is forcing it to stay at Beachmont and that's causing delays all up and down the line.

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Pondering the talent for expert rhyme,
It might seem to be the appropriate time,

To suggest that

This author of clever lyric
Consider publishing his years of panegyric

And collect all the material

Into one,


Shall we say,


Epic Poem entitled,

"Adam On the MTA"

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If you have been disrespected, do like Cardi B does and take no prisoners. I am glad the Boston Herald is covering this icon of modern feminism. Her husband cheated on her (as if!!!) and she is making him pay and pay. Her embarrassing problem is how to match which Cartier, with which Hermes Birkin, with which Follies Straps.


She is owning her feminism and her pride. Use your ex for sex, make him pay, make him beg and do your own thing. I wish we would learn to make the people who foist the T's poor service on us pay and pay.


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You must have a lot of time on your hands. Instead of hijacking other topics why not post your concerns in the link you provided?

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