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Trains that were dead plagued Orange, Green and Red

The MBTA reports the morning commute started somewhat torpidly this morning due to a train that died at Malden Center on the Orange Line, a train that died at Braintree on the Red Line and a trolley that simply refused to move from Heath Street on the Green Line.



The trains did a work stoppage in response to the Heralds story today on noisy trains causing a public health problem violating the city's noise ordinances.

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Whats Amazon got to complain about? Also the B, C, and D branches of the green line didn't break down today.
And the Mattapan Trolley chugs along dependably still, despite being the oldest and most targeted-for-disposal.
The T has a pretty good average if it were a hitter in major league baseball.
And yet, Baker will cruise to re-election tomorrow. BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS, that we...will...like...use.....for something? He hugged some junky's dad though!

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The best part of my day is reading them, does UH maintain a list of them?

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