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Three-car smashup at dangerous Gallivan Boulevard intersection

Gallivan Boulevard crash

Around 7:30 p.m. on Friday at Magdala Street and Gallivan Boulevard, according to a nearby resident who heard the crash, went to investigate and took the photo - and who is getting tired of the crashes there and along that stretch of Gallivan in general.

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DOT has been planning on updating this intersection for years but nothing has happened.

What's it gonna take? I live right where Morton and Gallivan intersect and can hear the crashes from my house. It's insanity!!!

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If we were really bored as little kids back in the '60s, my friends and I would sit on the front porch steps of my parents' house on the boulevard and wait for a car accident to happen. It happened more frequently back then than it does now.

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If you take away one of the car lanes and replace it with bus/bike lane the traffic will slow down to safer levels. Right now every one acts like it is a highway.

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Its not a highway? Who knew?

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Honestly, I don't know how to solve this one, but even if the "extra" lanes (a concept that might not fly during rush hour) became bike lanes and/or a bus way (very little bus traffic on that stretch, by the way), there would still be speeders around the time these crashes occur. The wide open, straight, flat space is conducive to speeding, regardless of who is supposed to be in which lanes.

Maybe a traffic light at this intersection would slow people down. Who knows?

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4. Conclusions
The traffic calming measures that got the best improvements on lowering the speed were the raised crosswalk and
the lane narrowing. The radar speed camera only works as a punctual traffic calming measure. The radar speed camera
and the radar speed warning signs need other traffic calming measures before and after them to keep that street calm.
Intersection regulated by a roundabout or by a traffic light can be used as traffic calming measures but normal
crosswalk and pedestrian pushbuttons signals don’t reduce the speed by themselves. Best results were obtained when
more than one traffic calming measures were used along the street and the distance between them is not too long.

from https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S235214651630802X/pdf?...

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I, who challenged your assertion that they should turn one of the lanes into a bus lane, took the side put forth in the quote you give.

Thanks for agreeing with me, even though it confuses me as you appeared to be taking the opposite view before.

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It clearly says that effect of traffic lights exist but are insufficient. You could read the whole paper if you like.

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