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Three Boston hospitals agree to fines for letting ABC film documentary there

The Herald reports Mass. General, Brigham and Women’s and Boston Medical Center agreed to share a total of $1 million in fines for violating patient privacy during the filming of ABC's "Save My Life: Boston Trauma” in 2014 and 2015 - although the hospitals say they didn't violate patient privacy.


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How do you know if you were filmed during this?i was frequently a patient at the ER during these years but was not conscious during my time there, or passed out due to the amount of pain I was in, how would I know if I was filmed or not? I don't have cable

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ABC is available over the air as it is not a cable channel. You may be able to request from whatever ER you were at details on what specific days they filmed and if you were a patient. If you are that concerned, hire a lawyer. I’m sure the ambulance chasers are lining up

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people were delighted if they ended up on TV. Now they sue instead.

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If you're a trauma patient, you'd in no state to reason about something a hospital worker is asking you to sign. By the time you're recovered and off pain medication and in a good state of mind, it's too late for the cameras to be poking into your trauma moment.

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Hard to believe in the HIPPA and privacy era that they would show the patient's faces without permission.

I find it comical that even the license plates are blurred out on antique cars on American Pickers (antique show) and foreign plates are blurred out on the Travel Channel in Mozambique.

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OCR's interpretation of HIPAA seems to be that prior authorization must be obtained from every patient. Retroactive authorization doesn't count.

So if an unconscious patient is rolled into the ER and the hospital staff start discussing the patient's condition in the presence of a film crew, that's an immediate HIPAA violation right there... regardless of whether or not the cameras are rolling.

I've watched the series and there are a lot of blurred faces in the background, which I assume are the folks who didn't sign media release forms.

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