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Stephen Mindich, publisher of the Phoenix, dies

Vanyaland reports.

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from the throng of local media types who use their past at the Phoenix as evidence of their progressive cred while completely glossing over the greasy little pimp's past as the enabler and profiteer of human trafficking he eventually morphed into. Just ask any one them about it and watch them run like cockroaches when the light comes on.

Rot in peace.

EDIT: and like clockwork, the heartfelt Tweets are coming from the likes of Carly Carioli, Dave Bernstein, and Dan Kennedy! Still waiting for the one from Lindsey of Lindsey's All American Girls, who had an ad for years for her pimping in the Phoenix. Nice girl, Lindsey.

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The Phoenix group produced dozens of high-quality writers. Their music and movie reviews and exposés were the definition of good journalism. Their radio station WFNX is still remembered as one of the most influential stations of it's time. And yes they had personals and adult ads which helped pay the bills.

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That’s how you discount the many, possibly hundreds of victims of what you so cavalierly call “pay the bills”? What part of “morphed into” did you not get?

Yes, and one of those wonderful arts writers was Owen Glieberman, who I watched sexually assault a woman in the back of a limo I was driving. Any other tales of those wonderful writers you’d like to hear? I have a few.

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maybe stopping him would have been a good idea? did you call the police?

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It was back in the day when Glieberman was still at the Phoenix. I was driving talent and guests for my client at the time.

After a screening of a film at the Somerville Theater, I was asked to drive a young female intern home to her apartment in Cambridge, as I recall.

Gleiberman was there covering and asked my client if he could tag along and get a ride home also to which the client agreed. Within two blocks of the theater, Glieberman leapt across the seat and planted himself right onto the body of the intern while we were at a red light.

Before I could even respond, the young lady bitch slapped Glieberman so hard I could hear it in the front of the stretch.He immediately retreated to his side of the seat and spent the next few minutes muttering impotent and wimpy apologies to the woman until he asked to be let out a short while after.

I asked the woman if she was alright and if she wanted to report it. She said no, that she felt she had taken care of his "wimpy ass" and it was done. I asked her if she wanted me to report it to her superior, my client, and she said no.

Three weeks later, the client said that they had been informed of the incident and it had been dealt with and was never spoken of again.

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Great story, Brian. I love those old time no nonsense woman who were good at what later was called re-framing the argument.

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"Before I could even respond, the young lady bitch slapped Glieberman so hard I could hear it in the front of the stretch."

Maybe you might want to see a shrink and get over the unsafeness of being exposed to the real world. The 'young lady' you described seems to have things well in hand.

"Three weeks later, the client said that they had been informed of the incident and it had been dealt with and was never spoken of again."

Until you just decided that your 'client's' privacy or discretion wasn't part of your limo contract.

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Sure. Like these?

A Chinese immigrant from Flushing, NY, will spend five years in federal prison this week as a plea agreement for her role in a prostitution ring that used ads in Chinese-language newspapers to get women to work as prostitutes whose services advertised on Craigslist and in the Boston Phoenix's "Female Escort" section...


Peter Kadzis is a big shot at WGBH now. What did he have to say about those ads when he was taking money from them?

Peter Kadzis, editor of The Boston Phoenix, said he had not recently viewed the weekly’s classifieds online, but characterized any solicitation as a “victimless crime.’'

“We believe strongly in our First Amendment protection to run escort ads,’’ he said. “If there’s prostitution online, that’s for the police to deal with.’’


It's all good, though, right? If he's progressive?

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Not feelin a lotta love here.
You guys give Mindich far too much credit for the underground paper scene.
Remember the Real Paper???
Anyhow Stevie Ponytail was one of kind...

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I remember seeing this at the Orson Welles...one of the scenes was shot in the bar at the Orson Welles.

I subscribed to the Real Paper in the mid 70's..it always arrived a week late at my parent's home in the suburbs.

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I also remember Mindich as one of the loudest voices calling bulls*** on the former Sox owners new Fenway Park plan, even if it was mainly because they had his offices in their sights. The media establishment was completely in the bag and mocked opponents as hopelessly naive about the economics. Mindich knew the Fenway neighborhood had enormous potential and didn't need a sports entertainment complex steamrolling everything else in its wake. And as it happens, the new Sox ownership figured out quick that the old Fenway Park was the entire brand.

But yeah, he ran the paper on sex trafficking revenue for years.

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