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There is something you should know: Red Line still like Waiting for Godot

Red Line train just stitting outside a station

Red Line train scared of South Station, so it just sits there, frozen. Photo by Celtkicks.

The MBTA reports that delays on the Red Line due to signal issues near Kendall are persisting into the afternoon.

Art Transform is beginning to wonder why the T insists on saying the delays are no more than 15 minutes:

15 mins? @MBTA I’ve been on this train from JFK going on 57 mins. Signal problems? Traffic? Disabled train? Let’s keep pretending this has nothing to do with today’s headline.

Hailey Fuqua reports:

It took me over an hour this morning. 9:50 got on at Porter, 10:55 arrived at Broadway. It's insane.

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What do signal problems have to do with today's headline?

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She's referring to the headline about the current T general manager being asked to take a walk.

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Got caught in this this morning too; sat at harvard for at least 20 minutes and the conductor assured us about four times that we'd be "moving shortly."

can't wait for the evening commute

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apologizes for the inconvenience."

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