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Snake alert: 5 1/2-foot long boa constrictor on the loose in Saugus

Boa constrictor

UPDATE: The snake has been found and is back home; Saugus is safe for teacup poodles again.

Brenda Sweetland reports her son's boa constrictor escaped somehow yesterday. It was last spotted by her mailman scrunched up next to a house on Richard Street near Dudley Street.

I need to get word to people who have small pets. Sorry for this inconvenience to anyone. Please let me know if you happen to see her.

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Give it to a zoo or something.

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Seriously! who lets their kid have a snake...Take the damn snake away - clearly cant keep track of it and you shouldn't be anymore.. what about small kids????? only worried about small pets?! what an idiot!

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who lets their kid have a dog?

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Snakes aren't exactly a "family pet" like a cat or dog. They're more like zoo animals which you cage and look at, but don't bond with.

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I think the many, many herpetologists and in specific, snake fans, would disagree with you about what constitutes a family pet and the ability to bond with non-traditional family pets.

They're not my type of pet, but I'm not going to stop my friends who enjoy their snakes and turtles and other reptiles.

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A 5 foot snake can't eat a child, and won't see a child as prey. Maybe you should reserve your freakouts for things that are actual threats.

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Found as of about an hour ago, per a comment on her FB post.

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Did anyone notice?

(_Saugus_, you know ... )

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You did look at the source of that, right

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glad the danger noodle got back home safe.
hopefully they build her a bigger habitat soon tho.

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This was the biggest lie of a story - they lost that snake weeks before it was reported missing. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see...

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