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Silver Line drivers try out the new Chelsea extension

Silver Line extension in Chelsea

Cybah reports the T was testing out Silver Line buses at the new Chelsea station, as it gets ready to extend the bus line from Logan into Chelsea via a dedicated route next month.

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According to the FCMB, the "official start date" is Saturday, April 21st. Although there is some confusion about that date. (don't ask, really)

They are testing right now with T police directing traffic at intersections. I am told traffic lights are coming soon so the buses can breeze thru the intersection and make this true BRT

They've actually been testing for a few weeks.

The only thing left for construction work is finishing up Bellingham Sq Station and they should be good to go.

If you want to see my last complete set of pictures I took a few weeks ago, you can see them by going here: http://bos.tn/kF9UD

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I recall that part of this project involves moving the Chelsea train station from its current location to some place closer to Market Basket. Is that also happening next month?

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It will be moved but not at opening of the Silver Line Gateway project. Even though it needs to be moved, it's a separate project that the state is looking for funding for. It's in design, but needs funding to be built as many transit projecting funding had dried up due to the Trump Administration.

So it will be a while, but it has to be done as the current station is very very non ADA compliant now.

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You should ask MassDOT for a numbers read-out since Baker took office. The Mystic Station did have funding at one point. Several projects are being cut. In conjunction, some projects are getting boosts. In this age of MassDOT golden bathroom privilege the public needs to press.

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Dirt bikers and drag racers are gearing up for the silver line speedway.

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They can drag race their way right to the police station. That busway will be heavily monitored.

And we really do not have that problem in Chelsea, amazingly enough, as CPD does a pretty good job at stopping this stuff before it starts.

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