Seth Moulton must feel kind of alone

First Steve Lynch abandons him and now Ayanna Pressley says she'll vote for Pelosi for speaker.



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Speaker Vote

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How did Lynch abandon Moulton? I did hear Lynch say he would vote for Pelosi over a Republican.
Did I miss something?

Pelosi can count

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Nancy Pelosi announced way back on November 15 that she has the votes to retain her speakership. Whatever you think about Pelosi, she has proven repeatedly that she knows what she is talking about when she counts votes. That was the time to realize that the campaign to depose her was futile.


Like, Zomg!

Like any smart women or person, or Bob Dylan, Ayanna knows which way the wind blows.

She will be a solidly Democratic liberal voice and vote for as long as in Congress, along the same lines, as someone, like say, Capuano for instance, except without seniority. But with much more fabulous clothes !!! And the hair, she has so much more hair than Cap! I've seen how inspiring for she can be for women, women of color, young women, and the follicly challenged. Never spend too little or pay too little attention to the hair, even if you are poor. It is how to get ahead in life. Works for me, love my locks :)) #yves-rocher

It's all part of the women's movement, led by .....Nancy Pelosi !

Get used to it all you angry white men....Seth Moulton and all. This resume:

After graduating from Harvard University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in physics, Moulton joined the United States Marine Corps. He served four tours in Iraq and then went on to earn his master's degrees in business and public policy in a dual program at Harvard. He entered politics in 2014, running for Massachusetts's 6th congressional district, and won reelection in 2016.

is Trumped by this resume:

From 1992 to 1994, Pressley attended the College of General Studies at Boston University, but left school to take a full-time job at the Boston Marriott Copley Place to support her mother, who had lost her job. She took further courses at Boston University Metropolitan College, also known as MET.[5] Pressley has not earned a college degree.[9] While on the Boston City Council, she got more liquor licenses for minority communities.

Get used to it haters. Some of us are more clever than others at getting on top, to the top. Women live longer and are the majority. The vitriol of men who don't like their new position in life is what fueled Trump...but you are dying breeders. The real breeders Wiill Triumph.




Why am I reading sexist, mysandrist, hate mongering triple on this blog?

How is this bringing our community together to fight the very real threats that are taking over our country?


I'm sure she can

Pelosi can count

I expect her to get the Speakership back. Then, I expect her to take impeachment off the table. Again. Like she did with the torturing war criminal Bush. Pelosi is good at electioneering, which means she'll go for the position that's safe most every time. Oh, and watch single-payer be taken off the table. Again.

I don't have a replacement for her, either, but I do wish the Dems would come up with one. Somebody with more progressive spine.


Regain, not retain.

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Regain, not retain.

...and not hers. Never hers, nor Paul Ryan's. The People's seat(s).

Ayanna we hardly knew ye!

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Ayanna falling in line, go along to get along?

Paint me as shocked. And I thought she was different than all the rest.

Next thing you know Senator Warren will be using Trump Derangement Syndrome to raise funds from the usual useful idiots via ActBlue.

Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.


So ...

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You know neither Pressley nor Pelosi - nor the fact that Moulton and the rest of the #fivewhiteguys never actually had a candidate to replace Pelosi, Do you think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sold out for supporting Pelosi?


Did Ocasio-Cortez sell out?

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As least Pressley has been a pol for the past decade. She’s been cozying up to people to further her career since the “pact” with John Connolly.


I'll put it this way

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She took out a member of Pelosi's leadership team. That would seem to indicate a distaste with the status quo.

Yes and no

He was on that leadership team due to tenure.

He got swept aside because he didn't even stay in the house he owned in the district when he bothered to visit NYC ... and sent a hispanic woman at the last minute rather than attend a long-scheduled debate that he had agreed to.

Is she an insurgent?

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Or is she the establishment? It does appear that she has quickly become a part of the establishment after being an insurgent a few months back.

I'll give her this- if she can show that she got something in return for fealty, she did well. Of course, since I'm not a constituent, she doesn't really need to show me anything. But on the odd chance that she reads the comments on this website and cares about what I have to say...

Trust me

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A lot more analysis of the woman’s political career has been done than what I did.

Ocasio-Cortez? Or Pelosi?

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If it's for the former, I know. I've seen and read it. And I think it's all pre-mature. I think people are trying to drag her reputation to try to stifle her credibility and integrity in the future. Which isn't to say that I think she's going to be all positive. I think people are just trying to punch down as quickly as possible.

If it's for the latter, well, her record speaks for itself.


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I think Moulton is eyeing a run for President in 2020. Coming out against Pelosi is smart politics for the general.



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So does my cat, and he's kind of a dick


Who isn't?

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It would be a shorter list to name Dems that don't have presidential aspirations.

Lynch? Ptooey!

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How does this guy keep getting elected? Anyone who "forgets" to pay back their student loans and then expects everyone else to forget that he is a deadbeat loser should not be a US Rep time and time again.



When did the student loan issue come up?

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Most likely pre-9/11.

The next thing you'll be bringing up is his arrest for beating up a pro-Iran protester in 1980.

But to answer your question, he keeps getting reelected because by and large the electorate of the district is happy with the job he is doing. Heck, I'm sad I was redistricted from his turf.

Maybe he's liked, but I doubt it

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I don't think people really DO like him, but he tends to have no real competition in the primaries and then no Republican challengers in the general election. I recall him showing up at a summer concert in Norwood a few years back and when he was announced basically no one clapped. They didn't boo him, but the tension was palpable.



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Yeah, that was Cheryl Jacques country back in the day. But the election is made not in the west, but in the east, and they are Lynch's core constituency.

As for opposition, Marc D'Alassandro took Lynch on in the Democratic Primary 8 years ago, basing his entire campaign on Lynch's vote against the Affordable Care Act. Lynch won by 30 points.

Votes matter, but so do candidates

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Also, Brianna Wu was and is a terrible candidate to replace him. Maybe in another 10 years, once she shuffles off the victimhood and gets more experience. Being a woman victimized by nerds and having opinions and spewing any sort of vitriol is not really someone you should have in government.

There was this notion that people who had no political experience would be great in government in shaking things up, and guess what, Trump was elected! How did that work out for you?

BriWu did not run a serious campaign (know some insiders) and someone looking at spreadsheets and just tweeting 'When I'm elected ' amidst talking about video games or opinions on scifi, is not someone who will be taken seriously. As a person who loves video games and sci fi, I'm not going to vote for someone just because they play Super Mario Bros 3.

Leadership Skills

Pelosi knows how to move and shake, cut deals, get shit done, etc.

What has to change is how the system of anointment for leadership positions ignores everything in favor of tenure - and tenure isn't working well. See also the piece of work that O-C pushed aside - like many US Reps, he thought his job was his birthright, and that he just had to drink with his old boys to say he was paying attention.

Corporately sponsored octogenarians who want nothing to change is no basis for system of government. Just look at the DINOs in the MA House and the five-person "special secret session" held to undo ballot questions.

I would only favor Pelosi if she is willing to listen to the progressives and respond to the rather healthy critique of the party and structure - and it looks like she is listening so far. If she still won't change these problems - problems that led to a lot of wasted time, stupidity, and electoral anger - she needs to step aside.

Pelosi * is a progressive.

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Pelosi * is a progressive. The people in the caucus opposing her - such as Moulton- are to the RIGHT of her. They are the ones who didn’t get the message of the election.