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Sawed-off shotgun, ammo found in Dorchester house linked to convicted trooper shooter, police say

Boston Police report finding "a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun, 2 shotgun shells and 8 rounds of.380 caliber ammunition," at 28 Supple Rd.

Police say the shotgun and ammo belonged to Alonzo Dedrick, who was arrested on gun charges on Monday after a traffic stop on Columbia Road at Washington Street.

The gun, found by detectives with a search warrant and backed up by a SWAT team, will mean additional charges of unlawful possession of a shotgun and unlawful possession of ammunition for Dedrick, who was convicted in 1988 of shooting two state troopers investigating drug dealing along Blue Hill Avenue.

Innocent, etc.

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by his public attorney. Rehabilitation didn't work?

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