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Red Line needs more than a pill for the dead train at Savin Hill

The MBTA reports "minor" residual delays from a Red Line train that couldn't make it up Savin Hill.

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In July of 2015, Charlie Baker and the Legislature established the Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) to oversee and improve the finances, management, and operations of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). The FMCB is a temporary body, with its term expiring in June 2020.

In April of 2016, the Board issued their plann for “fixing” and “improving” the T. Contained within the report were various goals and objectives ostensively to serve as measures to judge their progress and performance. The objectives outlined in this plan (below) were guided by certain self-proclaimed principles:

1) Never compromise safety.

2) Treat our riders as cherished customers.

3) Ensure that MBTA assets attain and retain a state of good repair on a specific timeline.

4) Recognize the preciousness of every dollar of subsidy received and revenue earned.

5) Meet the needs of passengers of all abilities.

6) Create an organization that is perceived as and is a great place to work.

7) Attract and retain a world-class management team.

8) Respond to the challenges of climate change and prioritize environmental stewardship.

9) Determine the appropriate governing structure that will inherit the role of the FMCB and ensure that the position of the GM/CEO has sufficient span of control to be held fully accountable for safety, operations and the implementation of this plan.

10) Plan for the transit capacity needs of the future.

Well, here we are in 2018 - seems like a fair period of time to see if they are living up to their principles…or at least moving in the right direction. Ask yourself…

Any significant safety problems going on?

Any T riders out there feeling particularly cherished?

Do you get the sense that taxpayers $’s are being managed in an efficient and cost-effective way to improve the T?

Can you say that T facilities and cars are sensitive to the needs of ALL passengers?

How do measure if the MBTA is a great place to work?

Would you say that they have attracted and retained a world-class management team (hint - look up the participants on this board - real question: who decided who should be on this board?)

Think the T is tuned into how to run a system during winter - hell, during summer, too?

Who is accountable for running the T now? New management structure going to improve things?

They may get a passing grade on planning for transit capacity for the future - apparently they believe that Amazon is going to take it over.

Why - I ask again - do we accept this from our elected officials?

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As long as Pollack + Ramirez are in charge

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