Pomeranian abandoned in a backpack outside West Roxbury Starbucks is recovering

WBZ reports the dog, now at the MSPCA's Angell Medical Center in Jamaica Plain, was found by a passerby on Friday at Centre and Willow streets.


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humans are garbage

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i've never understood how people could stuff a sentient creature in a bag and leave it to die. like, you don't want the dog anymore? you can literally surrender it at the MSPCA no questions asked. Its really not that hard! They'd rather save the dog from you than deal with you as a rotten, despicable person.

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It doesn't matter. People

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It doesn't matter. People buy cute little puppies from a pet shop.
As the dog begins to age or starts to need veterinary care, bad teeth, urinating in the house, barking too much........
They get rid of it.

No excuse for abandoning an animal that way. Just take it to a shelter and give a donation, whatever you can afford.

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Poor little guy. FFS just

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Poor little guy. FFS just drop him off at the MSPCA rather than dumping him like a piece of garbage.

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For those that don't know, one not uncommon method of abuse is to kill or abandon the loved pet belonging to a domestic partner.

It's also possible it's owner was afraid an abusive spouse might soon kill the dog so they abandon it before that could happen.

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Hopefully the stores/bank

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Hopefully the stores/bank around there have cameras outside so they can find the loser who did this.

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Any updates? Has the owner

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Any updates? Has the owner showed up? Surely the dog is microchipped, unless it came from a backyard breeder.

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