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No tide record set

Boston Harbor tides hit a peak of 14.67 ft at 11:12 a.m., per NWS data, so no record breaker, but we've 2 more high tides to try to go over the 15.13 ft record set on Jan. 4. But the latest NWS forecasts now call for a high of no more than 14.9 feet, at midnight tonight.




As far as I know, this has never happened before:

At this time, the following roads are closed in Revere:

• Route 107 is blocked from Route 60 to Lynn
• North Shore Road is blocked from Revere Street to Lynn
• Bennington Street is blocked from Donnelly Square to East Boston
• Winthrop Parkway is blocked at the flood gates

So, all traffic between Revere and Lynn is being diverted to Revere Beach Boulevard — including most busses serving Wonderland Station.

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          ( too bad there aren't always that many busses in service! )

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you sound disappointed?

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Jan 4: Base tide 12.1 + 3.03 surge = 15.13
Mar 2: Base tide 11.7 + 2.97 surge = 14.67

The base tide at 11:46 pm tonight is 10.9, so the surge may be higher, but the tide is lower.

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