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MS-13 member gets life for taking part in the brutal murders of two teens in East Boston

Murder knife

The knife Gonzalez plunged into Martinez, recovered from the water off Constitution Beach.

Edwin Gonzalez

A judge today sentenced MS-13 member Edwin "Sangriento" Gonzalez to life in federal prison for helping to butcher one teen on Constitution Beach in 2015 and a second teen five months later on Falcon Street because he thought they were members of a rival gang, the US Attorney's office reports.

According to court documents and the US Attorney's office, Gonzalez lured Wilson Martinez, 15, to Constitution Beach in September, 2015, by pretending to be a girl on Facebook. Once he arrived, Gonzalez and other members of the Molinos Locos Salvatrucha stabbed him 33 times and smashed his head repeatedly with rocks.

Gonzalez threw his knife into the harbor; State Police divers later recovered it.

In January, 2016, Gonzalez pulled the same Facebook trick to lure Cristofer Perez de la Cruz to his death on Falcon Street. Gonzalez and two other MS-13 members then stabbed the teen repeatedly; a fourth member emptied his gun into the teen.

For his role in the murders, Gonzalez received a promotion in the gang.

A jury in US District Court in Boston convicted him in June of a RICO violation for his role in the murders and his MS-13 membership.

The other three MS-13 members who helped kill Perez de la Cruz were also convicted. Edwin "Demente" Diaz and Jairo "Seco" Perez got 35-year sentences, while Rigoberto "Ninja" Mejia, got a 27 1/2-year sentence.

The other three MS-13 members who helped kill Martinez pleaded guilty. Carlos "Chuchito" Melara, received a 35-year sentence; the other two are awaiting their sentencing.

Of the 61 people arrested in 2016, 49 have either pled or been found guilty.



That's a nice piece of police work to find that knife out there in the water.

Thank you for nailing this guy!

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These MS-13 are a whole 'nother level of scary. It seems like UH reports on them every week and is really the only source for any reporting on them. Thank you for that, Adam.

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Maybe worth noting is that most of what I've been writing about MS-13 the past year or so has been the results of court cases stemming from a roundup in 2016. MS-13 still exists (yes, some of the posts are about more recent arrests), but so far we haven't seen another string of murders like in 2014 through the 2016 crackdown.

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You jinxed it. I mean, you didn't really jinx it. Some horrible people did some horrible things, which is not your fault at all, just like it's not the fault of the Central American community of the area overall.

In any event, I'm always happy that you report these things.

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Was the suspect a "Dreamer?"

Disgusting the people we are allowing in here. God Bless the victim and the police, fire, EMS and ME staff who have to handle these atrocities. It stays with you forever.

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He was a criminal, unlike Dreamers. You know that, you just don't care.

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Or just a criminal.

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They're not all criminals. They're migrants. Labels have meaning so it's important to use the correct ones.

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Does anyone know the real ID of this guy?

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Some state troopers scammed the state out of millions in bogus OT payments and once in a while a cop is convinced of assult or murder. So obviously every cop is crooked. Every last one.

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C'mon, you don't believe that. Are you just trying to "balance" Fish's "Cops can do wrong" with your "All cops are dirty" nonsense?

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But making a point. Fish, and others, claim that most immigrants are violent based on the actions of a tiny percentage that are involved in brutal killings such as the one in the headline. If MS-13 represent all dreamers why don't the few crooked state troopers represent all law enforcement?

Conversely, plenty of immigrants or their children go on to become heroic in law enforcement. So why use MS-13 and not these heroes as the justification for immigration policy?

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Missed the sarcasm.

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There are actually hard working "Dreamers" out there if not Honoral students who are also dreamers trying to create a better life for themselves. Just because one idiot acts insuch way, it doesnt give anyone the right to bring those who do well down. White people are overloading in drug use and no one is here calling any white person a junkie. As humans we respect anyone and give them the benefit of the doubt and if you arent a prick as yourself you may realize my point. Moron

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