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Men make off with ciggies and scratchies in Polish Triangle heist; one captured after he falls off his escape bike, police say

Boston Police credit EMTs for detaining one of two suspects in an early morning break in at a Boston Street convenience store.

Police say the men used two bricks to smash in the front door of DJ's European Market and Deli at 120 Boston St. around 4:30 this morning and loaded up a black plastic trash bag with cigarettes and scratch tickets.

Boston EMTs heard the door's glass breaking and saw the two fleeing. The guy with the loot bag furiously pedaled away on a bicycle, only to fall off it about a block and a half away, which let the EMTs catch up to him and detain him until police could arrive. The other guy, on foot, had no similar balance problems and ran away.

Police say when officers arrived, they found the EMTs detaining Thien Nguyen, 39, and spotted "a black Giant Alight bicycle and black plastic trash bag filled with lottery tickets and cigarette packs on the sidewalk near the suspect."

Nguyen was charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime and larceny. His accomplice, last spotted near Harvest Street, was described as about 5'7" with a thin build, a light complexion and wearing a black hoodie, dark pants and a mask.

Innocent, etc.


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Every once in a while, the Lottery should release a PSA explaining that "scratchies" are no good when you steal a hunk of them from the corner store.
If these clowns knew that the serial numbers are tracked & their haul was immediately deactivated....it would save us at least half of this mess.

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and that is that thieves of this caliber are smart enough to comprehend such things as "tracking numbers"

we can cure lots of things, but we can't cure unadulterated stupidity.

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If at 39 you havent figured out swiping scratch tickets is like stealing police cars youve got far worse problems than a B&E wrap.

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BOSTON EMS at it's best! They not only save lives they thwart robberies!! On another note, DJ's has the BEST sandwiches! Great family run Polish deli! Support small business and Boston's EMT's and MEDICs. They are there when you need them..

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The surveillance video they featured on 25 News last night was crazy.

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take the kielbasa.

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