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MBTA provides free showers to lucky bus riders at Forest Hills

Raindrops keep falling on their heads at Forest Hills

You might think that having an enormous metal and glass structure over your head would be enough to protect you from torrential downpours, but obviously not, as BNF shows us at the lower busway at Forest Hills. But don't bother upper-busway riders with any complaints - most of them have nothing at all to stand under.

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I got to Quincy center and we were ordered off the train because the air conditioning wasn't working. The passengers were mad as hell and we finally made it to Braintree where everyone was doubled parked and traffic was backed up. A cold shower like the one at Forest Hills would have been a welcome relief.

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A roof that funnels large amounts of rainwater into linear valleys makes no sense. It would take constant maintenance to keep it sealed and draining properly; something the certainly would never do. Of course, the leaks cause further damage to the structure and interior fixtures, but that's not important.

The design was intended to make an impressive architectural statement to passing motorists. Any other considerations were irrelevant.

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The roof issues prove that the station is past its prime and should be replaced. Its over 30 years old, leaks like crazy and that roof is a poor design. Most Orange Line Stations are falling apart and should be replaced.

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Assuming proper maintenance.

Which of course proves your point.

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There appears


to be


no early precedence


for sawtooth or gable roofs



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It's pretty nice of the MBTA to have such amenities. If anything, these extra services just give more justification to raising fares.

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there wasn't an overpass to stand under.

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Aside from the fact that only one bus line ever parked under there and the fact the overpass probably would've leaked just as badly, given its even worse state of disrepair.

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