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March four'easter on the way

The National Weather Service has issued a winter-storm watch that goes into effect Wednesday morning and we've got at least one local forecaster begging people not to blame to blame her for what could be up to ten inches of heavy, wet, power-line-snapping snow coming Wednesday into Thursday in what would be our fourth nor'easter of the month. So, really, what choice did the French Toast Alert panic analysts have but to up the alert - get some milk, egg and bread tomorrow.

H/t John Hanzl for the title.

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Great title!

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... resting on my greenstrip, partially covered from the last snow.

And a contractor is coming tomorrow to give me an estimate for the front stoop replacement, though I'm going to tell him NOT to schedule me before mid-April.

Writing my list now; we're fine on milk and eggs but low on bread and salad makings. And I think I'll return all the empties and replenish that stock while I'm at it.

Honestly, anyone got something to interrupt this oscillation?

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Compared to the blitzes of 2015, where the snow banks all but reached my shoulders (and I'm 6-3), this series of storms are potent, but not 100" of snow in a month and a half.

The only thing I can say about interrupting the oscillation is that sooner or later, the pattern breaks - and it'll take time for it to break and go away. Think of the Bermuda highs that bring on week-long heat waves and tropical downpours - the winter analogue of that is what we have now with March nor'easters and the Greenland block. On the flip side of that, there must be gorgeous weather in Greenland and Iceland right now.

The block will eventually go away, and all the hype that goes along with it.

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...according to my local weather geek, that (after a possible 'nother storm late weekend) there may be signs of the pattern breaking. But that's the best I got.

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A spring is an oscillator.

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... 'bout a fourth nor'easter in the four weeks before Easter!
Each time a storm hits the power has gone
Tree pieces are scattered all over the lawn.
No use explaining, there's no Hull remaining, and Scituate has washed to sea ...
I'm seeing teasers for the fourth nor'easter and I think that I'm going to scream!

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And a chip chip.

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Current "expected snowfall" for Boston and Bedford, according to https://www.weather.gov/box/winter , is 11".

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