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A lot of flags in the Dorchester Day parade

Girl holding Cape Verdean flag in Dorchester Day Parade

Girl flying a Cape Verdean flag.

As it is every year, the Dorchester Day parade was a microcosm of the cultures and backgrounds that make up the city's largest neighborhood.

Vietnamese ladies
Dot Out

These flag wavers were actually from Connecticut:


Corn-cob Lady and Fish Head Guy represented the Dorchester Food Co-op:

Corn-cob lady and fish-head guy
Smiling girl

There were, of course, tons of politicians on hand, from Gov. Baker to perennial candidate Roy Owens. Some of the marchers took a stand on issues:

No displacement

Those horns are heavy, so the musicians took advantage of stops to put them down:


They've got the wave down:


This hound serenely watched Dot Ave. go by from one company's van:

Big dog

Engine 17's siren went into full-blast won't-shut-up mode at Ashmont station; firefighters stopped the truck, and the parade behind them, to figure out how to turn the thing off:

Malfunctioning siren


Beautiful day great parade makes you proud to be American. Unfortunately I had to replace my OFD (originally from Dorchester) bumper sticker with my CAD sticker (can't afford Dorchester).

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So true but sad.. Went through same thing in C-Town ☘️

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If you really are ofd you keep it in the family. I had a great time with mine.

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Was that guy going to chop off the siren if they couldn't shut it up?

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Is the American flag usually outnumbered like that or do the photos not paint an accurate picture?

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There were plenty of American flags. I was impressed by how many other flags there were as well and wanted to show the diversity, that being one of the things that makes this parade different from a lot of others.

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The correct answer is "who gives a shit?"

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More times than not you'll see the American flag alongside another denoting heritage. The Republic of Vietnam + USA photo above is a good example. Not to mention a wonderful sight to see. The RoV flag wavers have had a rough go this year. Thank goodness for the parade. The annual City Hall RoV Flag ceremony was marred when an intern showcased the Communist Vietnam flag instead. And now beyond the Ho Chi Minh storage tank, there's a HCM poster being spread around Boston, specifically at sporting venues, under the premise that its a cool Confucius poster. Thank you Dot Parade review team. Hopefully you can teach a lesson to the rest of Boston

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I knew it was bad when the Kids took a pass on going to it.

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oh yeah, some years are 'better' than others but this year the beautiful weather meant enthusiastic marchers and parade goers - i saw lots of smiles, people clapping along, cheering, kids got lots of tootsie rolls and lollipops. more than the average number of politicians, too, with an election this year. it's always fun, but i think this year was extra fun.

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Not the politicians, that's the worst part for me. A day without them would be nice.

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