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Larry the Turkey holds his ground in West Roxbury

Larry the Turkey

"OK, who's next?!?" Larry gobbled angrily at Maribeth Scott this afternoon.

Two DCR employees with nets learned not to tangle with Larry the Turkey today - he beaked off their attempts to capture him and get him away from his haunts in the middle of the intersection of Baker Street and VFW Parkway this afternoon, according to a discussion on the Chronicles of West Roxbury II Facebook group.

Lea Cohen adds:

Around 2:15 he was being chased around the intersection by an older gentleman. Both were being chased by a cameraman.

Later, as the sun fell, we spotted him in a faceoff with an SUV headed into West Roxbury on Baker Street. He was winning. There was a BPD cruiser there, not doing anything. The cop inside was probably girding himself for battle, though - in the Roslindale Complaint Department, Erica Fletcher reports that a few minutes later, the cop cranked up his siren and turned on his blues and managed to shoo Larry away.

For now. You know he'll be back, meaner and ornerier than before.


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Poor Larry is no longer with us. He was just hit and killed. Seems crazy to me that with all the calls over the last months about him that it came to this.

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at about 6:50 tonight and he was holding the left turn lane on the northbound side hostage at that time.

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BLUE are the hills above the Charles,
The rocks are red that line his way;
Green is the strath his waters lave,
And fresh the turf upon the grave
Where sleep my sire and sisters three,
Where none are left to mourn for me:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

The trees that sheltered me and mine
Hold strangers of a Meleagris line;
Our rafter thresholds ne’er can show
The friendly forms of long ago;
The rooks upon the old yew-tree
Would e’en have stranger notes to me:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

The cattle feeding on the hills,
We tended once o’er moors and rills,
Like us have gone; the silly sheep
Now fleck the brown sides of the steep,
And southern eyes their watchers be,
And Galliformes and Meleagris ne’er agree:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Where are the elders of our glen,
Wise arbiters for meaner hens?
Where are the sportsmen, keen of eye,
Who tracked the roe against the sky;
The quick of hand, of spirit free?
Passed, like a harper’s melody:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Where are the hens of our tomorrow,
Those fair, frank daughters of the Gallopavo?
Changed are they all, and changed the wife,
Who dared for love the native's life;
The little chicks she bore to me
Grew strong to fight for liberty:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Bare are the moors of broad Brookline,
Shaggy the eastern forests gray;
Wild is Roxbury's autumn roar,
Wilder the floods of this far shore;
Dark are the crags of rushing Dee,
Darker the shades of Tennessee:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Great rock, by which the Grant hath sworn,
Since first amid the mountains born;
Great rock, whose sterile granite heart
Knows not, like us, misfortune’s smart,
The river sporting at thy knee,
On thy stern brow no change can see:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry

Stand fast on thine own Meleagris ground,
By Meleagris mountains flanked around,
Though we, uprooted, cast away
From the warm bosom of Strathspey,
Flung pining by this eastern sea,
The exile’s hopeless lot must dree:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Yet strong as thou the Grant shall rise,
Cleft from his clansmen’s sympathies;
In these grim wastes new homes we ’ll rear,
New scenes shall wear old names so dear;
And while our axes fell the tree,
Resound old Brookline’s minstrelsy:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

Here can no treacherous chief betray
For sordid gain our new Brookline;
No fearful king, no statesmen pale,
Wrench the strong barb from the Galliformes.
With strong wing and feathered knee,
No prairie native half so free:
Stand fast, stand fast, Larry!

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As of this evening, Larry is an ex-turkey.

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It's funny, but then it's not. I've seen so many near accidents due to that turkey and sooner or later someone's luck is going to run out due to an inattentive asshole that's going to try to zoom past at 50 mph.

Someone from the state needs to remove that turkey, otherwise someone will have to bite the bullet and hit it with their car.

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Also per that facebook link, he was apparently hit by a car tonight. I'm surprised it took that long, people were very patient with that bird. I hope no one got seriously injured while trying to avoid him.

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Darwin Award winner.

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He might have managed to sire some turklets, making him ineligible for that prestigious award.

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