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If you take commuter rail to work, you might want to leave a bit earlier tomorrow

The MBTA is cautioning that coastal commuter-rail lines - Greenbush, Newburyport/Rockport, and Kingston/Plymouth - count on needing extra time to get to work tomorrow as after-effects of the nor'easter continue.

In part, that's because of potential problems on the rails, but even more so because just getting to stations could be a challenge due to all those downed trees and power lines and malfunctioning traffic signals on coastal roads.

The T and Keolis says crews worked the weekend repairing the more than one out of ten commuter-rail cars damaged by falling tree limbs, removing debris from tracks and replacing the roughly 100 tons of track-supporting ballast that was washed out to sea by raging waves.

The T says it expects to be able to run all scheduled trains - and that ferry service is expected to resume as well.