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Homeless woman beaten with metal chair in Harvard Square robbery; four arrested

Cambridge Police report a 27-year-old woman was beaten and robbed on JFK Street around 4:15 a.m. on Monday.

According to police:

The victim, who is homeless, was trying to go to sleep on the sidewalk when they were approached by a group of individuals, including a female suspect known to them. One of the male suspects brandished a knife and hit the victim with a metal chair on the side of their face. The group proceeded to rummage through the victim’s belongings, taking $40 and a cell phone. Two males matching the descriptions given by the victim were located a short distance away by responding officers, and the two female suspects were located by officers responding to an unrelated alarm call. The victim positively identified all four suspects.

Police say the victim was taken to a local hospital for care.

Courtland Hall, 18, of Cambridge, who allegedly beat the victim with the chair and brandished the knife, was charged with armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police say. Tiffany Savage, 45, of Cambridge, Darren Jones, 24, who listed the Southampton Street Shelter in Boston as his home, and Kathryn, McCallan, 35, who simply said she was homeless, were all charged with armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.

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Poor woman.Kudos to the Cambridge PD for their compassion and timely arrests of these individuals who prey on the homeless. Months from now the defendants will have their day in court and all charges will be dismissed because the police will not be able to find the poor homeless victim.

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Arrests of those who ALLEGEDLY preyed upon the homeless, and ARE CHARGED WITH crimes.

How FUCKING difficult is grade school civics to remember, that Universal Hub commenters get it wrong every day, and don't FUCKING learn.

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That commenter is not a journalist or a lawyer speaking on behalf of their client. They don't need to perfectly word their post.

But you're going to be angry forever, picking apart internet comments like that.

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Considering the fact that those who preyed on the homeless were homeless themselves, you might be right.

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