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Good thing the Silver Line tunnels have walkways

Passengers walk in a Silver Line tunnel at South Station

Something went south on a Silver Line bus coming into South Station this afternoon and that jammed everything up.

Gavin Schoch, who took the photo, reports he and other passengers on his inbound Silver Line bus just sat there for 20 minutes until a T inspector "evacuated" them via the walkway to South Station.



You had to use your political clout to get tickets to the city hall tunnel tour. The MBTA gives passengers free tunnel tours all the time whenever trains or buses break down or derail.

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And to think this was going to be a LRT extension to the Seaport

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All during mild weather. Time for heads to roll

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The walkways in the SilverLine tunnel for people during an emergency look very clean and neat. Convert the whole tunnel to bikes, scooters and walkers????

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The newest line already breaking down.

Why are the rides through the Seaport tunnel so bumpy? New road beds. Should be at least as smooth as ground level roads. Instead the tunnel road bed feels as though it was constructed with speed bumps every 5 feet.

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A Wire reference? Not sure if anyone else got it:

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