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Dry Dock Avenue was all wet

A water-main break yesterday flooded Dry Dock Avenue and caused problems with the water supply today that forced at least some waterfront and Fort Point companies to close. BWSC reports the main was fixed and put back into service by early afternoon, however.



I'm still confused about this one. I asked that but still dumbfounded why we were affected today with no water if the repair was yesterday.

I have a feeling HR was mislead.. but again, this is why I tweeted to you. BUT.. I caught some people who are in the floor above me in the elevator and asked. They said there was smoke and the HVAC died. (the whole building's HVAC died)

Our Office Admin person said that the 2nd floor people heard and smelled smoke out of their utility closet on their floor also.

We ALSO had a fire alarm go off seconds after that HR email went out. (and again thinking with the smoke). And yes, we did have no water. The odd part is I noticed around 1:10pm when I same back from lunch.. 10 mins later, fire drill and HR email.

So SOMETHING happened at my office building today.

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