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Drivers just can't resist the light poles on one Jamaica Plain parkway

Dead light pole in Jamaica Plain

Roving UHub photographer Celeste Walker came across the remains of a light pole on Centre Street inbound just before the Arboretum rotary (i.e., Murray Circle) - sort of across the street from where another driver took out a pole in spectacular fashion earlier this month.

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You've got to understand ... cars are going to hit you!

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Light poles need to be licensed and insured and demonstrate knowledge of the rules of the road if they're going to share space with cars. I've seen far too many light poles who have no idea how to behave in traffic and act like they're just begging to be hit

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Shouldn't have been wearing such dark clothing.

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No need for protected bike lanes. I'm surprised the painted bike lane didn't protect the light pole.

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Flex posts wouldn't have helped either.

Bike lanes protected by parked cars would just mean a smashed up parked car.

Guard rails or Jersey barriers, maybe. But is that really what you want on every street you might need to bike on?

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because road design has improved in the past 100 years.

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Apparently this is just payback. Poles like to hit people too, at least according to A Streetcar Named Desire.

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