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Dorchester man charged with Mission Hill housebreaks

Boston Police report arresting John Anderson, 30, of Dorchester, on charges he went on a housebreak spree early on Dec. 2.

Police say Anderson successfully broke into a unit at 27 Cherokee Street in the predawn hours and one around the corner at 33 Hillside St. He also tried but failed to get into two apartments at 5R Cherokee St., police say.

Police say they nabbed Anderson last night at 1 Blackfan Cir. in the Longwood Medical Area.

Innocent, etc.



I feel like housebreaks have been replaced by credit card scams and ID theft. Electronics are so cheap these days, people are leaving flat screen TV's on the side of the road on trash day. What are you going to get that justifies getting caught for home invasion? Unless it was targeted for drugs or cash. I just have a bunch of old books and house plants in my apt. I would be pretty upset if someone jacked my Christmas cactus right before it bloomed though...

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For break ins. Students leave for a month and neglect to lock the windows or even take the AC out. The will find out three weeks from now when they return. Will blame it on the landlord. Same story every year.

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