Don't waste this chance to park in Brookline overnight

The Brookline Transportation Department reports on a reason for the season:

Enforcement of Brookline's Overnight Parking Ban has been waived for tonight and tomorrow night. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.



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I cannot help but envisioning the "caddies welcome from 1 to 1:15" pool scene.

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Ok, so they're being nice and

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Ok, so they're being nice and allowing people's overnight guests to park.

But...if they do it for Christmas, shouldn't they do it for other religions as well?

NYC has 43 alternate-side parking holidays, including major Christian (Western and Eastern), Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Asian holidays.

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Yea, they do.

They even relax the parking next to temples and churches on days of service.

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So you're saying my Rosh

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So you're saying my Rosh Hashanah guests can park overnight in Brookline?

I searched their Twitter feed for "overnight", and the only non-Christian religious holiday with a waiver of the parking ban was Passover 2018. Except it coincided with Good Friday and Easter this year.

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