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Demolition begins for large Dot Ave project

The Dorchester Reporter reports demolition has started for the 384-unit Dot Block project at Dorchester Avenue and Hancock Street.

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As a long time resident of this area, I'm happy to see this project move forward. I like everything about it except as is the case with almost all development in Boston, there is no plan to address the additional traffic. Councillor Baker did say " The new concept has better connectivity through a different design for the main cut-through public roadway... that would be able to service the businesses from the interior." so time will tell.

This stretch of Dot Ave is a notorious traffic clusterfxxx pretty much all day long. And the last time I looked part of this development would include a supermarket and all the traffic that comes with that.

All over the city it's the same thing, lots of development, and the traffic just gets worse and worse.

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Maybe, just maybe, it's time to think about favoring alternate forms of transportation other than vehicles. It's already been proven that building more roads = more traffic.

So really the only solution is to try to reduce the number of cars, which, just so conveniently, we have public transit in this city that may help. Again, maybe, just maybe, if the city and state invested more in projects related to the T and public transit, instead of just studying and delaying, this wouldn't be so big of a constant problem.

In a related note, since part of the T funding is tied to the sales tax, I'm sure it is a great idea to reduce the sales tax and further defund the T. And right on queue, here's Charlie saying he supports the measure.

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Yup...these lots will be vacant and overgrown with weeds for decades before this "project" ever gets completed.
No,I'm not just cynical,I've seen what happens when people over promise and under deliver(RODE)...

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I have been told that RODE is no longer associated with this project. But the bigger worry is the new owner who is notorious for sitting on land now owns this and Russell Engineering across the street.

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Is a nightmare especially with all the school buses why won't the MBTA allow school buses the right to drop off children in the bus ways at Andrew, JFK, Fields Corner and Ashmont

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Why can't kids go to their neighborhood schools? We used to have walkable schools in Boston. garrity is in his grave and it is 2018.

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Housing value will be higher in this area since this project will bring more light to this part of Dorchester. Im happy to see it break ground. In terms of trrafic, i dont think it is that bad to walk to T station.

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