Copley Square: The graveyard of umbrellas

Umbrellas in the trash in Copley Square

Roberto shows us the umbrella resting ground for people who try to get across Copley Square on a day like today.



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And the ad...

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And the ad that pops up on this page is:

"Find Out Why These Umbrellas Will Last Forever"

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All of the folks with rain gear ...

Point and laugh at pouring rain
They never use umbrellas
Because the wind will bend their frames!

Of course, rain gear is tricky when it is so darn WARM out there!

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Copley Square

is the only place I have ever experienced the wind nearly blowing my bike and me clear off the road. (Cycling westbound on St. James Avenue opposite what used to be called the John Hancock Tower, the wind pushed me into the right-side curb.)

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Bonus points for the Senz

It is narrow side to side so you don't get that Asshole Douchebro with Golf Umbrella hogging the whole sidewalk effect, and your backside still stays dry.

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Back when I rode the buses

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Back when I rode the buses and trains on rainy days I'd carry around an extra Dollar Tree umbrella and hand it to people without one and say "Merry Christmas" and it would make them so happy.

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