Cambridge water main bursts after 151 years in service

Sometime overnight, a water main under Craigie Street broke, the Cambridge Water Department reports. Robert Winters reports the 24-inch main was installed in 1867 and re-lined in 1954:

Thank you for your 151 years of service.




Forgettta bout it

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Why was it reclined in the 50s and never touched again? Cheaper to let it fail?

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Even new mains fail

It really depends on where it is, what's around it, and if it stays puts or settles, etc.

These things can last an extremely long time, so long as they are adequate for modern service and nothing much happens around them. And being relined in the 1950s doesn't mean that it hasn't been maintained. Some cities still have some freaking logs water mains around! (although they are usually not in service).

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Some time the pipe lays itself

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Why was it reclined in the 50s...?

Because by 1954, it had been in service for 87 years and probably just needed some rest.

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I'm fair

That's a fine bit of work by government to serve a community with potable water.

Merry Christmas.

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