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You can't get there from here due to a dead train at Davis Square

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the Red Line because of a train exceeding its lifespan at Davis Square.

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....At Downtown Crossing waiting......

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You can if you're in a car.

Seriously...where the hell is the decent mass transportation we deserve? I've been here long (UH) enough to know that there are some very knowledgeable folks on here. I've seen the arguments about money/hardware/signalling/upkeep/blame Baker/signalling again.

It's just frustrating. The public doesn't want maglev, we'll settle for 'works'.

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The new Red Line cars, which I believe will eventually replace the entire fleet (which includes cars from the early 1970s, when no one bought Japanese automobiles but they did buy AMCs and FIATS) by about 2020.

If the problem is with the vehicles, that will take time to rectify, and they can point out that new cars are on order. If the problem is with tracks or signaling, that is something that needs structural improvements, which costs money but can be rolled out a lot more quickly than vehicles. Sadly, since vehicles are the more visible improvement, it is the thing that gets the emphasis. No one gets excited about a new signal or switch, and in fact people bellyache about the T not running 24 hours a day, while the boring but vital work gets done overnight.

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Maybe if there's a baby fuckin' wheel, man, you'd have a squeer. But I think you meant here to there.

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