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Suspects in two Boston murders found and arrested in Ohio

Boston Police report the arrests of suspects in the murders of Ailton Goncalves in Dorchester on Aug. 20, 2016 and Kevin Reyes in Chinatown on May 27 of this year.

Police say Greg Wright, 21, wanted for gunning down Goncalves, and Danilo Depina, 31, charged with Reyes's murder, both fled to Columbus, Ohio, where Boston detectives, US Marshals and the Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team arrested them early Wednesday. They were found together, police say.

In both cases, other men were also charged with murder. Aaron Almedia was arrested a week after Goncalves's murder; Ricardo Edwards was arrested a week after Reyes's murder.

Innocent, etc.


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Seriously? Danilo Depina is uncommon enough name to search... WHY wasn't being held or serving time for any of these items?

MV Stop and Arrest

Charges/Statute ID Law Description
268/13B/A Witness, Intimidate
268/13B/A Witness, Intimidate
Location? The Dedham Court House

"18 officers responded to a car chase that led to the arrest of two men and a gun taken off the streets Tuesday." "Danilo Depina, 29, of 11 Howe Circle, Randolph was charged with carrying a loaded large capacity firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, disturbing police and disorderly conduct."

11/ 27/2016
2 arrested, 2 guns seized in possible gang dispute in Providence
Three officers tried to pull over another car with Massachusetts plates, with two men in it, at the intersection of Mathewson and Washington Streets, Clements said. The car initially stopped, then drove off before stopping again. Patrolmen Chris Ziroli and Taylor Britto, along with Sgt. Curt Desautels, attempted to “conduct a car stop,” said the chief, but the driver sped off just as Sgt. Scott McGregor arrived to help. The driver smashed his car into McGregor’s vehicle, Clements said, and one of the officers observed the driver reaching into the back seat. A black and silver Smith & Wesson .40-caliber semi-automatic was “in plain view on the rear driver side floor board,” Clements said. The chief said there were 13 rounds in the magazine, and one in the gun’s chamber.

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