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Savin Hill break-in suspect should have quit while he was behind, police say

Boston Police report arresting a New Bedford man on charges he broke into a Dorchester home Wednesday afternoon - three days after he was arrested on charge of breaking into a car in the Back Bay.

Police report officers responding to a report of a breaking and entering at 21 South Sydney St., Savin Hill, found Kevin Perry, 37, on Auckland Street not long after. Unluckily for Perry, an occupant of the place he broke into was home at the time and was able to ID him. The "small pair of bolt cutters" police found on Perry did not help his case, and he was charged with breaking and entering in the daytime and, yes, possession of burglarious tools.

Police add officers in the Back Bay had arrested Perry three days earlier for a motor-vehicle break.

Innocent, etc.

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When I read this story I knew she really got mad at the human that was arrested. Then I realized what logically thinking individual would get out and then commit another crime and get caught again. The first thing everybody would say that person must have been on drugs.
Apparently he is. Substance abuse is in Insidious diabolical manipulating mind-altering chemical. Keyword mind-altering. Hence, if he wasn't on drugs probably wouldn't be doing this?.

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When Dan Conley's DA's office will agree that two armed bank robberies deserve a 364 day sentence, reduced to seven months, to "help" prevent ICE from getting involved, why wouldn't anyone try the far less significant B&E motor vehicle every day? No consequences.

Of course the alien in the bank robbery that Conley's office fought to keep here was released just in time to brutally murder two talented young physicians in Southie, but nothing to see here. Move along. The media, realizing the case would destroy the narrative, gave it about 30 seconds coverage. God Bless the two doctors with throats slashed.

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