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Sam Adams wasn't noted for his public speaking

J.L. Bell runs down the reasons a pro-independence "oration" published in London under our very own rabblerouser's name probably wasn't actually written by him, let alone ever spoken out loud by him.

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doesn't necessarily prevent effective public speaking, Diane Rehm's radio show being a prominent recent example.

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It would make it hard for someone addressing a crowd without a microphone, though.

Rehm wrote beautifully about getting back on the radio after developing spasmodic dysphonia. She did a lot of therapy to control it. None of it would necessarily be beyond a man in the 18th century, although muscle relaxants and Botox is used for treatment now, as well.

Ron, I think you've been around long enough to remember Mary Lou Lord? She has it now-- retired for a few years to get treatment before she started singing again a few years ago.

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He probably didn't drink beer, too.

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