Red Line riders all a-quiver; a train's died just past the river

The MBTA reports "severe" delays due to a Norwegian Blue of a train inbound at Charles/MGH.


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Sat on the train at downtown crossing for 15 minutes before they announced that they were going to run shuttles. Went back up to the concourse where there were two women with a bunch of handicapped kids who were trying to figure out why people were leaving the station because, naturally, there is no one there to give them any information. It's probably not news to anyone, but you cannot rely on the T the way it is currently run.

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Red Line back up

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As of 2:15, seems to be back to normal.

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Many breakdowns ago ...

... on a much nicer day, I had parked my bike at Davis, only to go downstairs and see the morning-rush insanity packing so much of the place that the T workers would not let people downstairs to the platform.

Once they announced "dead train at Charles", I turned on heel to get my bike, but I had to wait in line to get in the cage because I wasn't the only one with that idea. Some of the people had never biked all the way in before, so we all gathered up and rode en-mass (single file, long parade) into the city. Coming through Cambridge and Somerville, a lot of peds asked what was going on or what the event was, only to head back home for their bikes as they had been on their way to various other red line stations.

As we crossed the Longfellow, there it was: another Norwegian Blue Red, doornail dead, still unmoved.

And, apparently, not the last of its kind.

At least it inspired an impromptu "bike to work day" with guided travel ;)

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