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Red Line kind of a turkey, service all slow and jerky

Red Line riders waiting for a train

The lost souls of Beetlejuice now take the Red Line south. Photo by Cinnamngrl.

UPDATE: Then the signals went on the fritz between Central and Kendall.

A train that had to be taken out back and shot at Charles/MGH is getting Red Line riders all grumbly.

Christina Visconte reports:

inbound #redline train continues to stop in between stations for ten minutes at a time. No updates from conductor. Going on 45 minutes

Michelle Moran ponders:

Close to @MBTA #redline BINGO. 2day a disabled train at Kendall. Earlier signal issues. Tmrw, med emergency or police action?

But, wait, it gets better. The fire alarms at Park Street are going off:



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Thank you! Reports about Public Transportation and MBTA are greatly appreciated.

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The T's had a lot of issues with station fire alarms lately. During the evening rush one day last week they were going off at North Station.

As usual, no T employees anywhere to be found.

One of these days there's going to ACTUALLY be a fire in a T station and someone's going to be killed because they're used to all these false alarms and don't realize there's actual danger this time! Fire alarms lose a lot of their effectiveness if there are frequent false alarms that are ignored.

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