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Perfect day to watch a parade in Roslindale

Estrellas Tropicales in Roslindale

This year marked a first for the venerable neighborhood parade - its official "mayor" had four legs - Rozzie the Dog, to be exact.

That entitled Rozzie to a ride on a float, probably a good thing for somebody in a fur coat, because while the sunny skies were good for people lining the streets, it might not have been the best for people wearing costumes as they marched into West Roxbury from Roslindale Square and then back again.

Members of the Boston Latin Academy Classics Club wore classical robes on their trek:

Roslindale Day parade: Boston Latin Academy

Members of the Boston Latin School equivalent, the Junior Classical League, wore T-shirts, except for the one kid who got to ride in a chariot:

Roslindale Day parade: Boston Latin School

It was nice of the T to lend one of the new Orange Line cars for the parade:

Roslindale Day parade: Orange bike

There were, of course, plenty of bands and dancing groups, including the English High marching band:

Roslindale Day parade: Drummer
Roslindale Day parade: Bagpipes
Roslindale Day parade: Dancers
Roslindale Day parade: Quincy flautists
Roslindale Day parade: Bolivians
Roslindale Day parade: Somerville musician
Roslindale Day parade: Dancers
Roslindale Day parade: Honor guard

New to the parade this year was the West Roxbury Chinese Culture Society:

Roslindale Day parade: Chinese Culture

The parade highlighted Roslindale's agricultural heritage:

Roslindale Day parade: Tractor

McGruff couldn't quite figure out how to march with the Longwood Security honor guard:

Roslindale Day parade: McGruff

Roslindale Is for Everyone let a person in a dog outfit tell its story:

Roslindale Day parade: RISE

As you'd expect, several politicians made the parade, including Mayor Walsh, here talking to Boston EMS Chief James Hooley and a young child:

Roslindale Day parade: Walsh

Tito Jackson worked the sidewalks and found some fans:

Roslindale Day parade: Jackson

Local elementary schools were well represented, including the Philbrick:

Roslindale Day parade: Kids in glasses

A contingent of women in pussy hats urged people to help them neuter and care for Boston's feral cats:

Roslindale Day parade: Boston's forgotten felines

It wouldn't be a parade in New England without at least one group of people in colonial garb firing muskets:

Roslindale Day parade: Muskets shot

And it wouldn't be a parade in Roslindale without the Rozziemobile:

Roslindale Day parade: Car



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I thought we were getting a military flyover, but turns out it was just the normal airplane sounds.

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Yes, the men and women of Boston's Forgotten Felines (BFF) enjoyed our first time walking the parade and do hope folks appreciate our lighthearted attire to reflect our adoration of all things cats. BFF is a nonprofit volunteer based recognized rescue that cares for Boston's feral population and provides rescue and fostering for abandoned cats in Boston. We also provide education around what to do if one is no longer able to care for a cat and that outright abandonment carries a $5,000 fine. We can be reached at [email protected] for any questions and more info. We really appreciate the highlight of our group and hope more can join us.

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but I'm surprised I didn't hear the deafeningly loud dance school van from where I was, several miles away.

Looks like fun, as always.

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