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Developers get ready to file formal plans for new apartments next to Mattapan Square T stop

Mattapan apartment proposal

Architect's rendering, featuring token black person.

Developers this week signaled their formal intent to replace a parking lot next to the Mattapan Square trolley station with a two-building, 144-unit mixed-income development.

In a letter to the BPDA, Preservation of Affordable Housing and Nuestra Comunidad Development Corp., said the bulk of the $57-million project would be in one six-story building housing housing 135 apartments, from studios to three-bedrooms, with a mix of affordable and market-rate units.. A second, four-story building, planned for latter in development, would house nine condos.

The two groups won development rights to the 2.6-acre parcel, which runs along River Street near the Mattapan High-Speed Line, from the MBTA. The project includes 50 parking spaces for T riders - and 70 for project residents - in an underground garage.

By submitting the letter, they indicated they would file more detailed plans within two months.

Letter of intent (973k PDF).

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Was gonna make a joke about the one black dude in the photo but I see you already did. Has this architect ever been to Mattapan?

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I work at a majority-minority institution. It's amazing how many times we've had to point out to architects that the people in the renderings need to match the demographics of our community. If I didn't have that experience, I'd say there was some signalling on who the developer sees as target residents going on (of course, that could still be the case).

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Is both developers should be very well versed in the demographics of the community.

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