Cleveland Circle pizza place gets one-day suspension for letting underage BC students suck down Bud Lights

The Boston Licensing Board has issued a one-day license suspension for Agoros Bar and Grill on Chesnut Hill Avenue over an incident on Jan. 14 in which a Boston College student working as a bartender sold beers to two underage BC students without even asking for their IDs.

Umbria on Franklin Street, got a warning for its experience with underage BC students. The difference: Umbria hasn't had any recent citations involving the pre-21 set, unlike Agoros, which had to answer for an underage-drinking situation in October.

The board also ruled "no violation" for two bars cited for alleged election-related incidents last November.

Board members agreed with West End Johnnnie's on Portland Street it was not to blame for a patron getting stomped down the street for allegedly expressing his happiness at the election results - and with Limelight on Tremont Street, where a guy who'd been turned away near closing time reappeared covered in blood and claiming he'd been beaten by 15 Trump supporters, a story police found no evidence to support.


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I forget to ask about multi-level bars and can't remember when holidays are. Guess it's a good thing it's a day off ...

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