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On the Red Line, whack track is back; riders' mood quickly turns to black

The T is warning of "moderate" delays in both directions on the Red Line due to a track problem between Kendall Square and Charles/MGH (which would be, what, the Longfellow?).

UPDATE: At 8:20, the T reported delays southbound due to a train that met its maker at Alewife.



They were telling us our train was being held at Kendall for a police action at Charles, but I guess that was a little later, maybe 8:40? But it turned out not to be a very long hold, probably less than five minutes.

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Its too expensive to maintain the red line, it is always breaking down. Charlie should just replace it with buses. It will be cheaper and then he can cancel the new red line train order, saving even more money he can give GE to build a parking garage and the other things he promised. Win win.

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