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Neighborhood group in far distant Hyde Park lined way to meeting with yellow balloons so ISD commissioner wouldn't get lost

The Bulletin reports the Fairmount Hill Neighborhood Association wanted to make sure William Christopher could find his way to its monthly meeting, to discuss three problem properties on the hill. Alas, Christopher never made it - but because he was sick, not because he got lost and wound up in Readville or something.

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is protest as art. Thumbs up!

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There is more details in an older article:

These places are pretty bad! I wonder if writing to the companies that own two of these properties would help!

"According to the city’s Assessing Department, there are no liens on any of the properties and all taxes have been paid. Department records indicated that the parcel at 56 Williams Ave. is valued at $581,500 and is owned by ETB Enterprises in Canton. 20 Brush Hill Terrace is valued at $362,000 and is owned by {redacted}. 119 Neponset Ave. is valued at $333,000 and was owned by {redacted}, who has since passed away. The property is now owned by Seterus, Inc. in Connecticut. "

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I do not understand why ISD would allow this!
"Structure is collapsed and wide open abandoned 2+years. New caution tape put up recently"


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