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Clock runs out on old Times; sells liquor license to new South End pizza place

The Boston Licensing Board today approved the sale of the Broad Street bar's liquor license to a Cambridge restaurateur who plans to sell food cooked in a wood-fired oven in a new building on E. Berkeley Street in the South End.

Michael Krupp's planned A4 - named for Cambridge's Area IV neighborhood - will serve food cooked on wood in the new Troy building, his attorney, Karen Simao, told the board at a hearing yesterday.

The Times - and the next-door Littlest Bar - closed recently as the landlord prepares to demolish the building to make way for another downtown residential building. The Times says it'll be moving into Barney Fanning's on Broad Street.

A4 will have 87 seats at traditional tables and 34 seats in a bar area, as well as a 24-seat outdoor patio. The board approved a 2 a.m. closing time - 10 p.m. for the patio.

The mayor's office and City Councilor Bill Linehan (South Boston, South End) voiced support for the plan.



Now if only they could get the building sorted out on Somerville Ave to reopen that location.

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So the Times will live on by taking over Barney Fanning's? Of the 3 bars on that block, the worst of the 3 is the only one left standing? Wonderful.

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