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Charles Yancey has thoughts about the Olympics, but won't tell us what they are just yet

The Dorchester city councilor tweeted today:

Boston 2024!! Huge topic for Boston. However I will post my response on the relaunch of my website #ComingSoon Very Soon #YanceytakesTwitter

Here in the UHub newsroom, of course, we can hardly wait. Maybe he'll also explain why he suddenly dropped his 20-year campaign for a high school in Mattapan when he finally had at least a 9-4 majority on the council last fall.


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He'll tell his thoughts when they reach 2.0. You wouldn't want to hear the first version of his thoughts anyway and besides they contain propriety information.

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If they have the swimming events at Mattapan High School.

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is capable of thought. Unlike our esteemed Mayah, who was so impressed by meeting a man in a funny hat on the taxpayer dime:

"I knew I was going to meet presidents, I knew I was going to go to Washington and meet some celebrities and things like that but it never really dawned on me about getting the opportunity to go and have a meeting where the Pope addresses you," Walsh said. "Of everyone I met at the Vatican, no one can remember a time when the Pope brought mayors from around the world ... to talk about issues ... this has never happened and being part of that and being able to represent the city of Boston is such a great honor -- I don't know if anything can top this."

And so, so spiritual!

"It was unbelievable," Walsh said today from the Vatican during an appearance on Boston Herald Radio. "As a Catholic I could feel the spirit in the room and I'm a pretty spiritual person and you just felt the presence in the room and you knew you were in the presence of a higher power ... It was just remarkable."

He is! He is spiritual! Then again that powerful presence in Rome is nothing compared to the powerful presence of John Fish, eh, Mahty?

Can't wait for Mahty to get back and take a few more people personally to rehab!

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Are you sure?

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