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If you see a cab with extensive damage, don't get in - call 911

Hit and run crash

Tim photographed the remains of a hit-and-run crash on Kneeland Street in Chinatown tonight:

Taxi rammed this car into pole then sped off.

Stanley Staco reports the cab might have been stolen in a carjacking around 8:20 p.m. at Columbus and Massachusetts avenues.

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He ended up crashing in the South End and has been arrested

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I'm sure he just didn't see that other car/didn't know that he'd hit someone.

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Please keep us posted with any further information on this.

It's bizzare that the carjacking happened at the corner of Mass Av/Columbus, he went down town and caused the accident above and maybe caused this malee ad DTX reported on Boston Reddit, and then returned to crash at Mass Av/Columbus, according to reply to Stanley Staco's tweets.

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Yea, we were at the south end "crash". It was basically a guy in a wrecked cab side-swiping a parked car. It eventually lead to his arrest, so I think Chinatown incident resulted in/ caused the South End incident.

The confusion seems to be from the fact that this man also tried to hijack ANOTHER CAB after ditching the wrecked van cab. He was out of control, but the cops arrived quickly to contain him.

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