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How to NOT beat the heat


Smoke was seen billowing off the roof of a building located on Commonwealth Avenue, this afternoon. Twitterer @alertnewengland reported that a rooftop air conditioning unit (presumably, not a window unit, but the condenser) had caught fire.

While that Twitter report had the fire located at 13 Commonwealth Ave, the location of the fire from my cub reporter observance was on the even-side of the street. It was either 16 or 18 Comm Ave.

Google Maps shows several a/c units on the roof of #16 - no signs of any grills, though ...





The first photo, with the solo firefighter, is of 18 Commonwealth.

The second shows the ladder on 16 Commonwealth.

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Took a walk after dinner down there and it was 16 Comm - and as you note - apparently a couple of rooftop AC units blew. the gentleman I spoke with outside said everyone was OK.

16 comm is the older brownstone on the left - 18 is the new brick building on the right.

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