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Lost somewhere on Route 84

Boston Metro (@metrobos) reporter Steve Annear (@steveannear) tweeted at around 1:00pm this afternoon:

This tops my list of crazy decisions. And I've made many. On a doubledecker bus in the storm en route to #Nyc and the tires are spinning.

This was his update, at 1:31am:

Have now officially been on a bus to #nyc from #boston for 12.5 hours with no food or water and an hour on the snowy roads to go.

Cannibalism will be forgiven.




Ah Megabus.

I'll just add this to my list of reasons I will NEVER take Megabus again. I've never had much problem with Fung Wah, but Megabus just sucks eggs.

Their internal communications, communications with passengers, overall staff rudeness, and lack of understanding of basic safety are now legendary.

The sad thing is that his bus was probably scheduled to leave NYC at 5:00 pm (given Megafail's usual timetables), and they probably kept telling the passengers to stand in line in the cold and snow because it *might* arrive any minute (it is on its way ... we can't tell you how long it will be ...) and they wouldn't get a refund if they weren't in line.

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For days the weather people having been saying big storm, big storm, big storm. If the sign says don't touch the electric fence, don't be surprised if you are covered in burns and have an irregular heartbeat when you touch the fence.

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Megabus? Yeah - other services put out cancellations and refunded.

Megabus would rather dump everything on the drivers and passengers and not take any responsibility. Not surprising they didn't cancel these runs.

I got sick of them a couple of years ago when I was bluntly and rudely told that I didn't get a text about a seriously (3 hour) delayed bus (in 10F weather) because "that's our national office - that has nothing to do with us" and that the "us" in question had "no idea" when the bus would be showing up despite GPS use. They then LIED to everyone about a "terror threat blah blah" when the problem was simply their failure to schedule buses in a manner accounting for expected traffic and mandatory driver rest breaks.

It wasn't long before a driver who was not given a route for his bus, using a car GPS, ran into an overpass and killed several passengers.

Idiocy is right.

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Was just as awful. No plows. Took five hours to go 3 miles. State police said to turn around, about a mile away, Keene police saw to turn around. It was a cluster f word.

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