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Thongs a lot

Kate reports she's had enough of drunks on Hanover Street in the North End - such as whoever left two thongs on the handlebars of her bike there sometime late Sunday or early Monday:

Were two girls walking by and decided to take their undies off and hang them on my bike? Did someone find them on the ground and hang them? How did they get on the ground? Ugh.

At least she doesn't live in South Boston.



Hopefully they were worn, because otherwise she might have a secret admirer buying her sexy undergarments.

Or could be from girls on their way clubbing (pact to have fun) or on their way out of clubbing (teasing boys they're going home with, although the boys should pocket the panties, since that's the gentlemanly thing to do).

Were there any street signs nearby? I've seen several panties hung on a street sign at a time near colleges.

Or they dropped out of someone's laundry or something on the ground, and someone else hung them up.

I would disinfect my handlebars, just to be safe. That wouldn't be a fun way to inherit any bikini-area germs of party girls.

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Doesn't anyone know that they hang their laundry out to dry in the north end?

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