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MBTA wants Newton approval for development at Riverside station, but isn't talking about transit improvements

And Sean Roche wonders why not?

At another interesting community meeting about possible development at Riverside Station, transportation advocate Bill Aldrich had probably the best insight: why isn't there any improvement to transit included as part of a project at a T station? Why are we only concerned with cars, cars, cars? Bill specifically recommended restoring the connection between Riverside Station and the commuter rail line, a relatively small piece of work that would add options for folks in Lower Falls and Auburndale. ...

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Many people, including me, drive some distance to get to the Riverside T. We don't want to drive into Boston, and commuter rail is much less convenient and much more expensive. That's also where many Red Sox ticket holders park. I saw license plates from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia there for the June 1st game.

In addition, the Peter Pan Bus terminal is leaving Riverside. Don't know the reason, but Peter Pan doesn's seem happy about it.

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Roche has some interesting ideas for transit enhancements, except nothing about how to fund them. One funding source that might do the trick is leasing development rights on MBTA property. People who stand in the way of this type of revenue producing activity on the basis that nothing should be done without first fixing transit really have to flip their thinking about how to accomplish the fixing.

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